Products & Technologies

In-house production according to the latest industry standards

Production of the highest quality

Our wide range of equipment enables us to manufacture and assemble our products to a high standard of quality.
We also offer you an extensive range of products and manufacture individual components on request.

Technologies used

Innovative production and testing processes

Core technologies

  • Stripping, crimping & crimping (semi- & fully automatic)
  • Cable and wire printing with inkjet and corona or UV laser in accordance with BAC 5152 – AS 50881 – SAE ARP5607
  • Soldering, crimping and insulation displacement technology
  • Injection molding technology overmolding of plugs & cables
  • With low pressure (Technomelt), 2K silicone and TPE
  • Encapsulating connectors and assemblies with 2K epoxy resin
  • Stranding, shrink-wrapping & braiding of cabling systems
  • Production of customized connectors and pole patterns

DMC tools

  • Crimping tools
  • Positioner
  • Pinning and unpinning tools
  • System case for the
  • Aviation industry

Testing cabling systems

Our test equipment allows us to carry out extensive tests:

  • Occupancy test with up to 4096 test points
  • 2 & 4-point measurement
  • Dielectric test e.g. with Rise and Hold time
  • 1500 V AC 50 Hz / 1000 V DC
  • Insulation Resistance e.g. with 400 Mega Ohms and 1000 V DC
  • Microscopic, optical fiber
  • Preparation of micrographs
  • COC DIN EN 10204-2.1, factory certificates DIN EN 10204-2.2 & 2.3, First Article Inspection

Our range in the cable technology sector

Stranded cable according to customer requirements
Shrink-wrapped adapter cables
Injection-molded fixation and feed-through
HF antenna cable
Ribbon cable
Various adapter cables
Internal device cabling
Wiring harness for control panel
Connectors & individual components
Circuit Breaker wiring harness
Cable harness with Nomex sheathing
Toggle switches
Bonding sensors
Silicone molded plugs
Bonding cable harness
Circuit board wiring
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