Cable technology for the
defense industry

The specialist for cable assemblies in the defense industry

To ensure that the technology remains flawless at all times, from the first radio to communication and complete power supply in the defense.

HKT’s range also includes special cable solutions for Defence, including complex hybrid cables, special cables with strain relief, waterproof cabling systems and braided cables for extreme mechanical loads (and much more).

Cable applications for individual

Highest reliability even under the most extreme conditions

  • Certified cabling – absolutely watertight, 100 percent gas-tight
  • Radiation-proof (EMC protection)
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Resistant to mechanical, thermal and chemical influences

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Other sectors - Our remaining portfolio

Airbus A350-900 low flyby.The Airbus A350 is the new long-range jet airliner. MAKS-2017 airshow at Zhukovsky - Ramenskoe airport.  JULY 19, 2017. ZHUKOVSKY, MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA
speeding train away from railway station, shanghai china.
Security-relevant sector
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